Rubber and Steel

We've just launched our stunning new Rubber Base Coat and Steel Non-Wipe Top Coat. The very best way to ensure long-lasting and beautiful nails. Click on the products below to read more about what they offer and how to use them.

Right now they are 40% OFF when purchased with our latest 3 for £10. Give them a try. You won't regret it.

How does it work?
- You need to add the Rubber Base and Steel Non-Wipe to the cart.
- Then add your 3 for £10. 

Check the basket, and you'll see a 40% discount has been applied to them. A discount with the name of '3 for £10 Rubber and Steel Offer'. If you have any problems at all, then please just get in touch.

Top Tip:  We've put the new Rubber Base and Steel Non-Wipe on this page. Why not add them both here before you start selecting colours your 3 for £10. That way you won't forget. Remember if they aren't included with the order we can't retrospectively apply the discount on other orders.