Colours never offered before in: New 3 for £10

3 for £10 Gel Nail Polish from

Welcome to our 3 for £10. It's our version of samples. We want you to try the product and see how good it is. Here's some quick notes on how it works:

  • It's only ever the first 3. Buying 6, 9 or 12 in 1 order only gets 3 for £10 once. (Although you could place multiple orders)
  • It only applies to the products on this page (or with the 3 for £10 sticker on other pages)
  • It can be used with other products. So if you want to add other colours you can
  • The discount is applied at the basket. So when you check-out you'll see it. 
  • The 3 for £10 changes often and sells through quick. Act fast to grab the colours you want.