Special Effect Powders

Rub into a standard Gel Colour to achieve some truly fantastic effects. Follow our tips below to make sure it works. First time.

1) Apply your colour as usual. Then use a Standard top coat. (Well sell mostly Non-Wipe so NOT this, our standard top coat). Cure it then wipe it. Wipe it well with something dry. Kitchen roll works fine :)

2) Apply the powder. Use a little pressure and make sure it's well rubbed in. Include the edges!

3) Apply our NON-WIPE top coat. And this is really important. Make sure you cap the free edge. (So make sure you go over the edge of the nail with the Top Coat. This helps seal it and stops quick lifting (the curse of the powders).

4) Then cure it well.

If you're having problems rubbing it in. Make sure the top coat has been cured enough. If it's under cured the powder won't rub over the top.

If you're having problems with lifting. Make sure you've completely sealed the nail including that all important free edge.

We're on hand to help. Give it a try. It will go over any of your colours and really adds something special. (Looks fab on white!)

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